• “Iran, Victim of Assassination”

    A collection of six illustrations about the role of the United States in the assassination of 17 thousand Iranians

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  • “Flight 655”

    A collection of Flight 655 Posters

    A collection of 18 posters about Iran’s passenger Flight 655 which was targeted by the US Navy in the Persian Gulf


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  • “Anti-American”

    A collection of 27 anti-American posters produced by Iranian graphic artists


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  • “Trumpsism”

    A collection of the posters by top artists in the “Trumpsism” graphic contest with the theme of Donald Trump

    number of posterd: 93


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  • Why Death to America?

    A collection of ten posters in defense of the motto “Death to America

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“Iran, Victim of Assassination”
“Flight 655”
Why Death to America?