Hiroshima: A City more than a City
Hiroshima has turned into the symbol of dozens, if not hundreds of cities and villages in the world that have been victimized by US acquisitiveness and brutality:
Vietnamese defective children
African slaves
Tens of thousands of victims in the Iraq War
Democracies of 50 countries in which the US has plotted a coup
Health of billions of people and their habitats
ISIL and al-Qaeda victims
Independent and martyred students in US allies
600,000 Americans massacred in the Civil War
And billions of other people who have been victims of the United States in the past and present and will be in danger in the future.

Hiroshima: People’s online voice
Hiroshima is an anti-US crimes website. The website is intended to serve as an interface for hearing voices of a people who’d otherwise be censored by US-led media outlets.
Many artists from across the globe, from Argentina to Gaza, from South Africa to North Europe, from Iran to Japan, from New York to New Zealand, who present victims via their justice-seeking and objective artworks, have contributed heavily to this cause by their caricatures, feature films, music clips, etc.
Click here to see a sample of the works.

How many Hiroshimas are there in the world?